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We are thrilled today to announce search across states for missing money on Claimdog! Starting immediately, you can use Claimdog to find over 85% of missing money in the United States, making Claimdog the single best tool to start looking for your missing money.

In 2015, we launched Claimdog with the goal of bringing transparency and attention to the issue of missing money, also known as unclaimed property. Today, there is over $60 billion in unclaimed property, held in safekeeping by state governments. People often search for it by visiting each state website separately.

Now there is an easier way. Enter your name on the Claimdog home page, and you will get results for your state. Select other states easily through a dropdown menu on the search results page. If your state is not covered, we will direct you to the exact page maintained by the state government where you can find more information.

If you’re excited about exploring unclaimed property, you can also check out our directory of unclaimed property, where you can dive into the states and companies that owe money to individuals. Some highlights are California with $8 billion in unclaimed property and New York with $14 billion.

Try it out today — we can’t wait to help you find and reclaim your missing money.


14 Celebrities With Missing Money – You Won’t Believe #2

Missing money sounds too good to be true, and that’s why so much of it is sitting around. There’s over $60 billion of “Missing” or “Unclaimed” money in the US.

Where does it come from? When a business owes you but can’t get a hold of you to send money, it must turn that money over to the government, by law. Claimdog can help you search for unclaimed money that might be in your name.

In reality, 1 out of 10 of us are owed missing money — even celebrities! Here are 15 celebrities who are missing money:

14. Tori Spelling has a $1784.95 refund from Tiffany & Co. Sounds like the 90210 actress has both money and good taste!

"Mystery Girls" Screening Hosted By The Moms

13. Steven Spielberg is owed $10,000 in cashier’s checks. With a net worth in the billions, Spielberg may not need the money — but he could donate it to charity.


12. Kerry Washington is owed $1404 held back from a payroll company. Isn’t paying you what a payroll company is supposed to do? FAIL.


11. Orlando Bloom needs to go pick up his $245.72 due to him by a former employer. Although, dollars don’t go very far in Middle Earth where they spend… Simoleons? Rubies? Goats?


10. Beyonce has an undisclosed amount due to her. She should find out how much it’s worth!


9. Lindsay Lohan has over $1400 that she has lost track of. Does that surprise you or… nah?


8. Reese Witherspoon is owed $827 in California. Sounds like a nice windfall!


7. Kanye West is owed $37 from The Foot Locker. Since all his clothes designer, it’s not clear what he’d have purchased there to get a $37 refund.


6. Mick Jagger has 5 separate unclaimed deposits. Time is on your side, Mick — you can show your proof of identity and claim these in perpetuity.  

Mick Jagger

5. Tom Brady is owed $266 that he needs to claim from the State of Massachusetts. And you already thought his life was perfect.


4. Hollywood star George Clooney is owed $1020. Our guess is he’s probably not particularly missing it.


3. Angelina Jolie has got $1447 in missing money, proving that even the most glamorous, with-it hollywood stars don’t have their whole act together.


2. The Donald isn’t owed any money, but several organizations he is associated with are, according to the New York Times.


1. Mark Zuckerberg has $764.69 from miscellaneous checks that is his to claim. As one of the richest men in the world, even that much money is probably not worth his while. Since he made over $4 billion last year, it’s like collecting 2 cents for someone who makes as much as $100,000!


1 in 10 people are owed unclaimed money. Search Claimdog to see if you are, too!

Where’s the Money? States with the Most Unclaimed Property

We’d heard there’s over $42 billion in unclaimed property across the US. But how does this break down state by state? As there was no clear answer, the Claimdog team did some research. Here’s a ranked list of states with the most unclaimed property, with links to sources.

Most interestingly, adding up the states, it looks like there’s over $60 billion unclaimed, not $42 billion. So that’s $18 billion more reasons you should make sure to collect your piece of the pie!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.00.34 PM

1. New York $14 billion
2. California $8 billion
3. New Jersey $4.25 billion
4. Texas $4 billion
5. Massachusetts $2.4 billion
6. Ohio $2.3 billion
7. Pennsylvania $2.3 billion
8. Michigan $2 billion (estimate)
9. Illinois $1.8 billion
10. Delaware $1.5 billion
11. Georgia $1.46 billion (estimate)
12. Virginia $1.2 billion
13. Arizona $1 billion
14. Florida $1 billion
15. Maryland $1 billion
16. Washington $1 billion
17. Missouri $874 million
18. Tennessee $720 million
19. Minnesota $711 million
20. Connecticut $710 million
21. Nevada $700 million
22. Colorado $600 million
23. South Carolina $503 million
24. Oklahoma $500 million
25. Kentucky $490 million
26. Oregon $472 million
27. Wisconsin $440 million
28. North Carolina $438 million
29. Alabama $400 million
30. Indiana $400 million
31. Utah $350 million
32. South Dakota $344 million
33. Louisiana $303 million
34. Rhode Island $300 million
35. Arkansas $280 million
36. Maine $211 million
37. Hawaii $200 million
38. Kansas $187 million
39. New Mexico $151 million
40. New Hampshire $150 million (estimate)
41. West Virginia $150 million (estimate)
42. Nebraska $135 million
43. Iowa $132 million
44. Idaho $120 million
45. Alaska $100 million (estimate)
46. Montana $75 million (estimate)
47. Vermont $71 million
48. North Dakota $50 million
49. Wyoming $43 million (estimate)
50. Mississippi $31 million
Total in the United States $60.551 billion

If you find additional facts / figures / sources about unclaimed money, we’re constantly compiling them. Send them over to!

Where to Claim Your Property: State by State

Across the country, over $42 billion sits unclaimed, sitting in state treasuries. If you’re owed some of this money, all you have to do is file a claim. Awareness is all that stands in the way.

Below is a state-by-state list of links to government Unclaimed Property sites. If you live in California, Claimdog makes it extra simple to find and retrieve your money!

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Happy claiming! Write to us at if you have any stories to share. 🙂

$8 Billion for the Taking: A Primer on Unclaimed Property

The State of California is itching to give away eight billion dollars and some of it could be yours.

Thanks to California’s Unclaimed Property Law, the State Controller Office safeguards money when the rightful owner cannot be found. Over 32.5 million individuals and organizations are owed money, so if you’ve ever lived in California, there’s a chance that some of it is yours.

Despite the staggering total, few people know about Unclaimed Property. Where does it come from? How and why does it end up with the State Controller? And how can you find out if you’re owed? These are some of the questions we answer in this primer.

Unclaimed Property is often created when people lose track — when accounts get forgotten, checks lie uncashed, or contact information grows out of date. Common sources of unclaimed money include checking accounts, dividends, insurance payments, and cashier’s checks.

Let’s say you’re owed a rebate from Apple. However, by the time the rebate check from Apple appears at your doorstep, you have moved to a new residence. The check lies uncashed. After three years, Apple is required, by law, to hand your rebate money over to the State Controller’s Office, where it remains until you claim it.

As this example illustrates, Unclaimed Property does not come from the state government. It originates from companies and other institutions. Ultimately, the state’s Unclaimed Property law exists for consumer protection — the Controller requires companies to turn over money owned by someone else so that these funds are not incorporated into profits. Unclaimed Property laws vary by state in the United States, and have a long history that goes as far back as escheat laws in medieval England.

In this blog, we will explore various aspects of Unclaimed Property in California: what types of unclaimed property exist, how common they are, what kinds of companies owe money, and how to get it back. We’re interested in being consumer advocates and helping people safeguard their savings — so look out in the future for posts pertaining to other ways to save money and make sure it does not go unaccounted.

In the meantime, if you’ve ever lived in California, check out Claimdog and see if you’re one of the 32.5 million for whom the State of California is safeguarding money!